History of Abercorn Lodge: 1756-2016

14th Dragoons Lodge No. 273 (IC). Warranted 3rd December, 1756

14th_Dragoons_Regimental_GuidonIn 1751 the 14th Regiment of Dragoons, a cavalry regiment of the British Army was raised by Brigadier James Dormer. Five years later in 1756 a Military Lodge was warranted by the Grand Lodge of Ireland and was officially the 14th Dragoons Lodge No. 273. The first Master being WM Robert Jones.

A total of 137 members were registered between 1756 and 1796. The lodge met continuously from 1756 until the last returns to Grand Lodge of Ireland in 1827. In 1828 they returned to England and to other parts of the worlds and so ended the lodges connection to Ireland and the Grand Lodge of Ireland.

The warrant with the Number 273 was most probably surrendered to Grand Lodge of Ireland around 1827 or 1828, when the regiment returned to England, to be later re-allocated to the newly formed Abercorn Lodge in 1899.

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Abercorn Lodge No. 273 (IC). Warranted 1st June, 1899

The Grand Master of Ireland, Most Worshipful Brother James Hamilton, 2nd Duke of Abercorn granted a warrant for the new Abercorn Lodge No. 273 .

The warrant was dated 1st June 1899 and together with Leinster Lodge No. 387, met in premises at 285 Isla in Senglea. The 1921 Installation meeting was held at the Masonic Hall Valletta which belonged to the English Constitution.

Unfortunately all records of the Lodge from 1899 to 1920 were destroyed by a bomb which fell on Villa Blye, Paola, where Abercorn Lodge and its sister Lodge, The Leinster Lodge No 387 now held their meetings.

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Abercorn Lodge No. II (SGLOM). Warranted 18th November, 2004

The two Irish Lodges together with the Leinster Royal Arch Chapter No 387 (I.C.) met together with the Lodge of St Andrews of the Scottish Constitution and the Caledonian RAC No 325 (S.C.).

In November 2004 Abercorn Lodge together with Leinster Lodge and the later Fenici Lodge returned their Warrants to the Grand Master of the Irish Constitution and simultaneously received new warrants from the newly consecrated Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta under whose registry they now work.

In December 2009 certain members of the Lodge decided for reasons of their own to remove themselves from the Lodge and the S.G.L.of M. to form their own irregular and unrecognised Grand Lodge.

Abercorn Lodge No. II (SGLOM), Back At Labour. 27th October 2010

The Warrant was returned to the Grand Master and held in suspension until 2010 when it was again formed under the Mastership of VW Bro Kevin Ralph.

The Lodge has established itself as a research Lodge and receives papers from members and non members for presentation and discussion within the Lodge.

The lodge has redesigned itself to now be a full initiating lodge with eight meetings a year.

Brethren are invited to submit papers for presentation to the open Lodge at one of its meetings. Discussion of the paper will then be encouraged within the Lodge. An annual award, the Abercorn Laureate Award, will be presented at the installation each year for the most meritorious paper submitted.

It is hoped that this innovative and exciting and indeed ambitious proposal will be received with enthusiasm by all Maltese masons and will encourage them to study the fascinating subject of the Brotherhood.

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