14th Dragoons Lodge No. 273, Grand Lodge of Ireland

The lodge was formed on December 3rd, 1756. There were three officers a the forming of the lodge.

Worshipful Master: Robert Jones
Senior Warden: John Harrison
Junior Warden: Michael Sullivan

Two more members joined the lodge in early 1757, making a total of five officers. The register below and on the next three entries shows the growth of the lodge.

Included are three written letters showing the officers of the lodge for 1824-1825, Installation 1825 and 1826. A page also shows some of the last returns to the Grand Lodge of Ireland. The lodge warrant was apparently returned to Grand Lodge when the 14th Hussars as they were renamed, left Ireland for other duties.

For a closer look at the page, please view the PDF file link below.

14th Dragoons Ledger, Members 1-97


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