1756-2016 Anniversary

2016 is the anniversary of the inauguration of our Great Grandmother lodge – 14th Dragoons Lodge No. 273 (Irish Constitution).
The lodge has had two incarnations since the 14th Dragoons, which handed its warrant back to the Grand Lodge of Ireland in 1828.

The Grand Lodge of Ireland allocated the number 273 to the new Abercorn Lodge to become Abercorn Lodge 273 (IC) in 1899.
In 2004 Abercorn Lodge 273 (IC), became Abercorn Lodge II (SGLOM).


Celebratory Dinner Call or Email

Date: December 3rd, 2016 Ricky Chang Tel: 9929 8827 Email: trixychang1@yahoo.co.uk
Place: 6&7 Marsamxett Street Gary Madan Tel: 9948 5853 Email: garymadan@yahoo.co.uk
Time: 7.30 pm
Price: €35.00


Download the pdf of the invitation


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